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Unleash Your Inner Drive: Tips and Tricks for Staying Motivated

Allow us few minutes of your busy schedule to motivate you for savings - within your available cash flow !

Every 'Arjun' needs a 'Krishna'


Formulae to Build Wealth





Pipeline to Start your Wealth Journey

Learn About Risk vs Reward propositions

Put your Financial Targets on record

Check the Required investments

Start saving & invest it for your targets

Check & track your Gullaks' regularly

Get Started

Investment is a journey and you need to know your destination before starting it ! 

Our online tool helps you to create your different financial destinations at one place. You can easily create various 'Gullak' to meet out your financial targets through proper investments in Mutual Funds & other products. Click here to get Started

What is your fees for taking such motivational classes or sessions ?

We do not charge anything to provide motivational session to any aspiring investor. Yes, we make money through the commission paid by the product manufacturers like- MF companies, FD companies etc

Am I obliged to make investments after the counselling session?

No, absolutely no obligations ! You may ask us for DND if you do not want to. be disturbed after the session. Its is all your will to deal with us in future or not !

What is the minimum amount required to get started ?

You can start with as low as Rs 1000/- per month or Rs 5000/- one time to get started with your investment targets. It is always advisable to strech your investments to the maximum limited , depending upon your Income

Can I do this session online ?

Yes, please fill up the 'Call back form' to fix up a mode and time of your counselling. We need approximately 30 minutes to 1 Hr for such session

What is the rating or feedback of your counsellors ?

We have more than 5000 customers who have gone through our counselling session, online or offline. We can get you the live testimony of any of our existing customers, if required. Just to quote , we are rated 5 star from almost every investor. We guarantee for 100% satisfaction out of our investment cousnelling sessions

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