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  • Mohit Gupta

Energy Sector in India - In an Upbeat mood

It's evident from the statements made by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi during the India Energy Week 2024 that there is a strong commitment to the growth and development of the Energy Sector in India. Here's a summary of key points highlighted:

  1. Global Recognition and Leadership: The Prime Minister emphasizes that India is not just meeting its energy needs but is also influencing the global energy landscape. The global experts' positive outlook on India's growth story underscores the country's rising importance in the global energy arena.

  2. Infrastructure Development: The focus on building infrastructure at an unprecedented pace is a crucial aspect of ensuring the energy sector's robustness. Infrastructure development is essential for the efficient generation, distribution, and utilization of energy resources.

  3. Global Biofuels Alliance: India's involvement in the Global Biofuels Alliance indicates a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. Biofuels play a vital role in reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner alternatives.

  4. Waste to Wealth Management: The emphasis on 'Waste to Wealth Management' suggests a focus on innovative solutions for managing and utilizing waste resources, contributing to both environmental sustainability and rural economic development.

  5. Solar Energy Self-Reliance: The encouragement of self-reliance in the solar energy sector aligns with India's broader push for renewable energy sources. This emphasizes the importance of clean and sustainable energy for the country's future.

  6. Economic Targets: The statement about India being on track to become the 3rd largest world economy, coupled with the ambitious target of increasing refining capacity to 450 mmtpa by 2030, indicates a strong economic vision and commitment to energy infrastructure development.

  7. Inviting Global Investments: The invitation for investments from global leaders in the energy sector signals India's openness to collaboration and partnerships for the development of its energy infrastructure.

  8. Projected Investments: The announcement of a projected investment of USD 67 billion in the energy sector over the next six years showcases the scale of opportunities available for investors.

Among mutual funds there are some good schemes which captures this theme very well. See the performance chart of such schemes , as given below (data as on 6th Feb 2024) :


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Overall, these statements reflect a comprehensive and forward-looking approach to energy development in India, with an emphasis on sustainability, global collaboration, and economic growth.


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