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Looking for Guaranteed Returns ? Check these Fixed Income products

When Equity market trades at high level and when investment risk is higher than average, we tend to look for a safe heaven . In such case one can look beyond Bank Fixed deposits, like- Perpetual Bonds or even Tax Free Bonds.

Even if you get a Tax free bond of 4.5% p.a from a 100% secured government bond, it can be better than a taxable Bank Deposit. So look at the attached sheet for your ready reference and see if it suits for your investments.

The rates given below are valid for a limited time period only : Source - JM Financial

Perpetual Private & Tier IIBond Rates as on 05 Feb 2021

Tax Free Bond Rates As on 05 Feb 2021

Taxable Bond Rates As on 05 Feb 2021

Important note –Any other Perpetual, private & Tier II Bonds can be availed on Client requests

Please confirm the rates as well as availability of securities before finalizing the deal. Please read the below disclaimer for risks associated in the investments in bonds. For further details, please contact your Relationship Manager.


The above list has been prepared based on the tentative buy/sell quotes available in the market for the said securities. The same is for information purposes only and it should not be construed as a confirmation of any transaction to take place. Also it is not an advice, opinion, recommendation, forecast, promise, guarantee, or assurance of any committed return or fixed returns, assured return, guaranteed return or of capital protection. It does not constitute an offer, solicitation or an invitation to the public in general to invest in these securities. This communication is intended for the use of recipients only to whom it is addressed. Investments in securities including in the debt instruments are subject to various risks including, without limitation, price, volatility, credit and liquidity risks. The user should therefore make his/her/its own independent judgment based on his/her/its specific investment objectives and financial position and carefully consider whether investing in the securities covered in this document is suitable for him/her/it in the light of his/her/its financial condition. He/She/It should also assess and determine the merits and risks of investing in the said securities and the investment considerations arising from such transactions. In rendering information herein, JM Financial Services Ltd. (“JMFS”) assumed and has relied upon the accuracy and completeness of all information which was available in public domain. JMFS has not carried out its independent verification of the information available in public domain. JMFS does not warrant the accuracy, reasonableness and/or completeness of any information given above. Also, JMFS takes no responsibility of updating any data/information as given above from time to time. JMFS expressly disclaim any liability and responsibility for any losses arising from any uses to which this communication is out and JMFS and its affiliates/associates/employees and directors shall not be responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for the same. The user assumes the entire risk of any use of the given information. The user should bear in mind that the yield as given above are indicative in nature and are subject to market fluctuations, demand & supply of securities and other costs associated with the transaction. The actual yields may not necessarily commensurate with the indicative yields. The indicative terms are proposed to be used as a basis for discussion only and they do not constitute any legal commitment to provide any kind of guarantee or assurance of any returns on investments. The investors may not rely on these indicative terms and may not make them the only basis for their investments.


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