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Should I take exposure in CRYPTO ?

My answer to this is 'Yes' ! But only when it comes under proper regulatory framework.

When it comes to Crypto Currency, lot of people today are stuck with FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out) factor; they believe that they will miss out the real growth. But its not true. If Crypto will get a regulated boundary and its actual usage will start taking place in various economies, then this will become a good asset or a real asset.

Currently under its virtual model we don't think it is to be added as your prime asset. Moreover there is no specific pricing and trade control mechanism in place, hence you have to rely on private applications to carry out the trades.

And the most important of all - which Crypto to buy ? There are various coins available in the system which needs to be evaluated before investing. Cryptocurrencies are almost always designed to be free from government manipulation and control—although, as they have grown more popular, this foundational aspect of the industry has come under fire. The cryptocurrencies modeled after Bitcoin are collectively called altcoins, and have often tried to present themselves as modified or improved versions of Bitcoin. Though some of these currencies may have some impressive features that Bitcoin does not, matching the level of security that Bitcoin’s networks achieve largely has yet to be seen by an altcoin.

Know more about Crypto Currency :

  • A cryptocurrency, broadly defined, is a form of digital tokens or “coins” that exist on a distributed and decentralized ledger called a blockchain.

  • Beyond that, the field of cryptocurrencies has expanded dramatically since Bitcoin was launched over a decade ago, and the next great digital token may be released tomorrow.

  • Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization, user base, and popularity.

  • Other virtual currencies such as Ethereum are helping to create decentralized financial (DeFi) systems.

  • Some altcoins have been endorsed as having newer features than Bitcoin, such as the ability to handle more transactions per second or use different consensus algorithms such as proof of stake.

We still suggest - don't rush ! Nothing is left out ! If things get properly regulated then you will surely get the chance to add it in your main asset - if it qualifies your Risk appetite

The author is not a crypto expert but is a learned Financial Product Distributor and trainer. You can post your comments or questions on our mail anytime. We will try our best to answer all your queries

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