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We are fully compliant

As per SEBI circular No. Cir/IMD/DF/13/2011 dated August 22, 2011, the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) are required to conduct due diligence in respect of mutual fund distributors (MFDs) who meet any of the following criteria, in order to regulate the distributors :

a.  AUM raised over ₹100 crore across the industry in the non-institutional category but including high

net-worth individuals.

b.  Commission received of over ₹1 crore during the year across the industry. c.  Commission received of over ₹50 lakh from a single mutual fund.

d.   Multiple point presence in more than 20 locations.



In this regard, AMFI has been organising unified due diligence of MFDs on behalf of participating AMCs by engaging the services of professional Chartered Accountants / consultancy firms, so as to avoid duplication of efforts by multiple AMCs and to ensure process efficiency. All distributors identified by AMFI on the basis of the aforesaid criteria, are required to undergo a unified due diligence.


To facilitate the due diligence process, AMFI has prepared a detailed Due Diligence Questionnaire (“DDQ”) annexed hereto, covering various aspects and requirements specified in the aforesaid SEBI circular, in order to enable the AMCs to understand the distributor’s  internal systems, controls and marketing model for mutual fund distribution.  All distributors identified the due diligence exercise are required to complete the attached Due Diligence Questionnaire (“DDQ”).

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 10.05.23 PM.png
  • 1.1 : Name of the Distributor
  • 1.2 : AMFI Registration Details
    AMFI Registration Number ARN - 20943 Date of initial Registration – Current Validity of ARN –
  • 1.3 : Registered Office Address
    Infinity Finserv (P) Ltd 212, Saran Chambers 1 5 Park Road Lucknow -226001 Off : 9307218766
  • 1.4 : What is our business category ?
    A Private Limited Company
  • 1.5 : Company Registration details
    Registration number of main business : Registered : Place of incorporation :
  • 1.6 : Registration details with regulators
    We are an AMFI registered MF Distributor and are not registered with any other regulator in India or outside India
  • 1.7 : Our business activities , other than MF
    We distribute many other financial or physical products on commission basis; like- Corporate FDs, Bonds, Insurance Products, Real Estate products etc
  • 1.8 : Organization chart of our firm
    Please check the link here : Our Team
  • 1.9 : Number of Employees engaged in Sales of MF ?
    6 ( Six)
  • 1.10 : Number of sub distributor for MF ?
    0 ( Zero)
  • 1.11 : Affiliation with any AMC/ MF ?
    No. We distribute the schemes of all AMCs
  • 1.12 : Any subsidiary engaged in MF distribution ?
    Yes Infi Securities Its a partnership firm managed by two of our Directors
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