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"Navigating the Complexities of Taxation: Your Ultimate Guide"

Tax Saving Options

Taxes are the government’s way of earning an income which can then be used for various projects that the government needs to indulge in to help boost the country’s economy or its people. Taxes in India are decided on by the central and state governments with local governments, such as municipalities, also deciding on smaller taxes that can be levied within their jurisdiction.

Tax Saving Schemes

Equity Linked Saving Schemes (ELSS) provide a good avenue for capital appreciation and tax benefit under section 80C of the Income-Tax Act, 1961.

Benefits of investing in ELSS

A. You can make your own tax saving investments:

  • Deduction under section 80C.

  • No tax on Capital gains.

  • Dividends are tax free in the hands of investor.


C. Better return than any other instrument:​

  • Compared to all tax saving under Sec 80C.

B. Lock-in period (3 years):​

  • Lowest among all tax saving instruments under section 80 C.

  • Long enough to minimize market volatility.

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