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  • Mohit Gupta

Return of COVID - what's there for an Investor ?

I know this is a tough time for all of us when the COVID spread number is growing so fast and people are in extreme panic due to this pandemic . Although the death ratio is stable and is in the same range , so market is not too much worried on that ! Still the shortage of medicines , Oxygens and Hospitals are the key concern currently for the investor street.

I purely understand the feeling of fear and the emotions of every human being in the country, hence would like to extend my bit of help whatever is possible. Being a Financial Product distributor and your investment caretaker, I would like to share my incidental advice in the situation :

  • Maintain a buy or hold stand in terms of existing MF or Stocks Portfolio :

As we always say, fall is temorary but growth is permanent . So any fall in stock prices or Mutual Fund NAV, is just a matter of temporary fear. If you are invested in right business or equities then don't worry - this fall is just an opportunity for you. Because the analyst and traders track only one thing - the net Death ratio ! And you will be happy to know that the Recovery ratio is still close to 98 or 99%. Since there are larger number of infected people , the death numbers are also appearing to be large - however the ratio is still the same . This is the reason, market recovered in today's trade ( 22nd April 2021- Thursday) :

  • Check your Life Insurance and Health Policies properly and realign according to the situation

This is the very crucial time when you should check your Insurance Policies - both Life & Health . These policies must cover COVID death and COVID treatment. Please feel free to talk to us to explore affordable yet relevant policies according to your requirement. As a general advice we request all our customers to top up their Term Policy to increase the cover and they should buy a good medical Policy having higher cover

  • Take care and play cautious in terms of your health but be bold towards your wealth

Equity is always the best to generate long term above average returns. Historically it is seen that a good business always generate better ROI than any traditional Fixed Income products. Hence Equity is the best way to gather such business under your portfolio. Please see the top performing Equity categories under Mutual Funds :

The above chart is sorted on the basis of 1 Year returns ; as you can see Technology is the top gainer under the category and smaller business under Smallcap and Midcap category are also doing well during these volatile situation.

On a week to week basis , market is going through a volatile phase (as shown in the chart below) . But you must play bold and continue with your SIPs or invest additional money, to take the advantage of these temporary fearful downside in the market.

Equity Market performance in last 4 days :

Get in touch with me or my team members anytime, to get any clarity or query related to the your portfolio.

Team Infirupee

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