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  • Anuradha Mishra

Weekly Market Wrap - (week ending 25th November 2023)

" TATA Technology IPO collections have paved way for continued bull run ahead "

Tata Tech IPO subscribed nearly 70 times at close; QIB part booked over 200 times.

Analysts say the company's strategic focus on the electric vehicle (EV) sector within the product engineering segment, coupled with a substantial global industry position, positions Tata Tech for sustained outperformance in the market.

Out of approximately Rs 21,000 crores, company will retain only Rs 3042 crores and return the rest; this committment of Rs 21,000 crores will surely chase another stocks in secondary market or will be used to apply for another IPO. Whatsover the case may be , there will be good enough liquidity ahead. Hence the equity market is going to get a lot of buying support.

Although NIFTY and Sensex were flat to positive in last week there were some fabulous stocks which rose exponentially, like :

Honasa Consumers grew by around 43%

New India Insurance grew by around 39.40%

Man Infracons grew by around 29%

GIC grew by around 18% and

LIC grew by around 10%

Almost all Insurance company saw a good run up last week, indicating some good cooking in the sector

📈: '' Market Update''

The Nifty 50 index was flat to positive with little bit of volatility. However it never saw any sign of selling pressure or profit booking the whole week. We believe that investors attraction towards large cap stocks are quite evident in this week.

'' Sectoral Movement ''

The week was really good for Pharma Stocks and Energy Stocks in all category - Large , Mid and Small cap segments. Technology sector saw some buying interest but finally ended up in red by the end of the week. So , on sectoral side there was nothing signifiant to talk about. Other than Technology, all sectors rose well above 0.25%

''Market Indices at a Glance''
  • Sensex: 65,794.73 (-187.75, 0.28%)

  • Nifty 50: 19,731.80 (-33.40, 0.17%)

  • Nifty Bank: 43,583.95 (-577.60, 1.31%)

📈 Stock Performance Highlights of the week :

Top Nifty 50 Gainers Today:

SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd: +3.97% , HDFC Life Insurance Company Ltd.: +2.65% , Apollo Hospital : +2.63% ,

Top Nifty 50 Losers Today:

SBI: -3.69% , AXIS Bank: -3.12% , ONGC: -2.70% , BPCL: -2.11% , Bajaj Finance: -1.92% .

"Nifty's chart is looking bullish " 📊 '' Nifty 50 has shown strong downside support and appeared to roar in next session. Global noises from Israel and Russia also gave some relief in terms of their cease fire agreements in respective fights. Rupee also got strength due to internal buying support from domestic corporate houses, strong Auto Sales and other domestic consumptions. Instead of looking for any near term target, we assume that one should keep building positions in good Large cap stocks from NIFTY 50.

Most of the experts and analyst believe that Large Cap is cheaper and attractive as compared to Midcap Stocks. Hence they are issuing profit booking recommendation from Midcap Stocks and Mutual Funds

Conclusion: Market's recent performance highlights the liquidity strength in the domestic market and clearly displays the resilient India story. Huge SIP inflows and all time high consumer spendings have delinked the Indian market from rest of the world. Yes, there are some pressure on Banking stocks due to some regulatory change in their accounting methodology, but that is also temporary. Overall, the week ended on a good bullish note.

Quote of the week 📢

"Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time." — Jeff Bezos"


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